Private Driving Instructor – Singapore

Are you looking for a reliable and professional private driving instructor?

There are many reasons for you to learn driving with a private driving instructor such as

  1. Driving is an essential lifetime skill that will comes in handle when the needs arise.
  2. The nature of my work requires me to drive in Singapore.
  3. Driving helps save time by getting to my destination quicker.
  4. I am planning to get a family car.
  5. It is more affordable and cheaper to have driving lessons with a private driving instructor

looking for private driving instructor

Whatever your reasons are, you need to have a reliable, patient and friendly private driving instructor. An instructor who is able to teach you in a safe and systematic approach to get your desire Class 3 /3C / 3A/ 3AC driving licence.

Our carefully selected group of driving instructors has more than 30 years of teaching experience in conducting private driving lessons for our students who ranges from tertiary students, home makers, young professionals, business owners and expatriates. The driving lessons are affordable and cheap for students to get started once they have passed their basic theory test.

How do I start?

With our simple and easy to use sign up form, we are able to understand what you are looking for in your driving lessons such as the driving centre, language proficiency, type of driving licence and the type of driving courses and arrange a private driving instructor that fits your request.

There are 3 driving lessons courses (Manual and Auto Transmission) available:

  • Beginner driving lessons – For new students who just passed their BTT and need to start their first driving lessons with our private driving instructor.
  • Remedial driving lessons – For experienced students who want additional driving lessons with our private driving instructor.
  • Refresher driving lessons – For existing Class 3/3A driving licence holders who has not been driving for a long time or need to improve his/her driving skills.


By signing up with us, you will get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Low Enrollment fee of just $90* ($90 – $120)
  • Affordable if not cheaper driving lessons  from $45* (dependent on the type of courses)
  • Flexible booking system with your personal private driving instructor
  • Dedicated 1 to 1 private driving instructor to monitor and advise on your progress
  • Same car for your practical driving test
  • NO GST

Many of our students have benefited greatly from the wealth of experience and invaluable knowledge of our driving instructors and acquire a lifetime driving skills of driving safely and responsibly. Starts your driving lessons today.

*Based on 90 mins of intensive manual/auto driving lessons.