Getting your driving licence in Singapore

Time to get your driving licence in Singapore

Most young adults start looking to get their driving licence when they turn 18 years old. It signifies the transition from adolescence to adult. At this age, it is a good time to learn driving before stepping into the workforce where new priorities set in. If your situation allows you to start learning, it always good to start early. With a driving licence, it brings convenient and additional option to move around in Singapore or Overseas.

How to get your driving licence ?

Singapore adopts a systematic approach for Singaporeans or residents to obtain their driving licence. Singapore driving licence is recognized worldwide. You will need to pass two theory tests and a practical test to obtain your driving licence. The theory tests are:

  • Basic Driving Theory Test (BTT) – It tests your basic knowledge of rules and regulation of the road, the traffic signs and signals.
  • Final Driving Theory Test (FTT) – It tests your knowledge of the safety aspect and proper driving techniques.

With many resources available , preparation for the tests is easy. Most people could pass them on the first or second attempt.

The Final Test which is the most crucial test that you will need to take is the Practical Driving Test (PDT) or some called it the Road Test. The PDT will tests your driving techniques on the road and your situation handling on the road. In order to take the PDT, Singaporeans or residents needs to look for either driving schools or private driving instructors to start their driving lessons. students-taking-an-exam


Upon passing the PDT, you will be able to get your driving licence and rejoice!


What are the cost involved ?

The test fees for BTT and FTT are $6.50 each.


The test fees for PDT is $26.00 and will be increased to $33.00 on 1 June, 2016.


The driving lessons fees are dependent on your choice. You can choose to learn from private driving instructors where there are several advantages such as better savings in money or the driving schools for its more structured driving lessons.


How long does it takes to get a driving licence?

On average, it ranges from 3 months – 9 months. It really depends on the students’ ability to learn and grasp the driving theory and their driving techniques. The more driving practices you have the higher chances of passing your PDT.
What are the steps to follow to get driving licence?