Don’t Miss This If You Are Holding a Class 3C Driving Licence..

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Singapore government has announced and introduction new Class 3 licences in Jun 2015.

How is the new Class 3 licences going to affect current Class 3C driving licence holders?

Class 3C driving licence holders are mainly foreigners working in Singapore holding Work Permit or S-Pass. They have an existing foreign driving licence that is recognized in Singapore and could be converted to a Class 3C driving licence upon passing the Basic Theory Test.

However, Class 3C driving licence has an expiry date and need to be renew routinely.

Current Class 3C driving licence holders are still able to drive light goods & small buses. However, it will be a serious traffic offence after 31 May 2017.

You will need to do a Class 3C/3CA driving licence conversion to Class 3 or 3A driving licence.

Companies with existing employees under Work Permit or a S Pass Holder will need to take note of this new Class 3 driving licences scheme.

Work Permit and S-Pass holders are required to convert their existing Class 3C/3CA driving licence to Class 3 or 3A driving licence by 31 May, 2017 if they wish to continue to drive light goods & small buses.

Even though, there are still sufficient time for Work Permit and S-Pass holders to complete the transition process of acquiring their Class 3 licence. It will not be wise to do it at the last min.

To avoid disruption to daily commutes or business operation, it is recommended to get your Class 3 licence as soon as possible.

Do take note that the practical driving test slots and the availability of private driving instructors are limited.

Steps for Class 3C or 3CA Licence Conversion to Class 3/3A

  1. Obtain a Provisional Driving Licence
  2. Make a Request for our Qualified Private Driving Instructor
  3. Take Private Driving Lessons
  4. Pass your Class 3/3A Practical Driving Test

Acquiring A Class 3 or 3A Driving Licence in Singapore


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